Who Are We?

The thing about technology is that you know you need it. The problem is what kind of technology do you need? Whether it is a new cell phone, laptop, tablet or even a server. Sometimes  "what"  isn't the only question. It's how and when. When do I need this technological thing and how do I use it?
Innovative Works aims to bring efficient and affordable answers to your problems.

Innovative Works, Inc. is a Little Rock, Arkansas based Information Technology consultancy that provides technological support, planning and training to its clients.  I.W. also offers lite networking and lite audiovisual services. Whether it is on- site (your house, office, and  place of worship) or remotely (from where ever we are located), we are dedicated to getting the problem(s) solved and question(s) answered all while saving you money.

We Work for You!


  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Line Of Business Courses
  • Online Safety and Best Practices
  • Computer Usage Courses
  • Managed I.T Services
  • Computer Setup/ Install
  • Remote Control/Support
  • Professional Grade Anti Malware
  • Custom Technology Roadmap 
  • System  Purchasing Guidance
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Compliance  Consulting